Embudu Village Maldives is renowned for its diving, and we are lucky enough to be
surrounded by some of the Maldives’ best dive spots, such as Lion’s Head, Embudu
Express, Wadoo Caves and Embudu Canyon.
Our dive partner, Diverland, has operated the diving and water sports activities on
our resort for over 30 years. And Embudu Village probably has the highest number
of diver guests of all the resorts in Maldives – more than 50% of the divers we get at
Embudu Village are repeater guests, showing how much they like coming here.
According to our guests, here are the top five dive spots near to Embudu Village:

At a glance.
Level: Experienced divers.
Dive type: Deep/drift dive.
Depth: Max 36m.
Marine life highlights: Groups of eagle rays, jack fish, barracudas and sharks.
Conditions: Only dived under special current conditions.
Just around the corner from Embudu, the experienced diver can expect a deep and
short action-drift-dive. Descending directly at the edge of the reef we dive diagonally
to the current into the middle of the channel where we hold on at the drop off at a
depth of about 36m. Out in the blue-water, we get a collection of big-fish playing with
the current; it’s impressive and thrilling.
What a diver dreams of his whole dive-life can be witnessed at Embudu Express:
eagle-rays in formation (up to 20 and maybe more), huge stingrays, schools of jack
fish and barracudas, big groupers and countless sharks.
To see the sharks playing in the current is fantastic – watching them turn off and then
come quite close again, playfully swimming against the strong current whilst we hang
on a coral block and try not to be swept off.
After this sensory overload we drift with the current into the channel following the
Thilas and surface in the blue-water.
Due to the depth, strong current, fast descent and surfacing in the blue-water this
dive is only for experienced divers – Embudu Express isn’t just one of our highlights
here it is also one of the best dives in the world!

Level: All levels, easy dive!
Dive type: Nitrox optional.
Depth: Max 30m.
Marine life highlights: Lots of colourful fish and corals.
Conditions: Mild current.
Boat trip: 13 mins.

“What is down under makes the value” – a hidden jewel of a dive site is just in front of
our tropical island in the middle of the Embudu Channel. There is a unique reef with
coral overgrowth and variety of animals… but hardly dived. The first Thila is
sometimes briefly visited by divers coming from te Embudu Express, on their way up
to the surface. The second Thila remains untouched. Very colourful and covered with
corals untypical in the Maldives, this area of reef is perfectly suited for taking pictures
or relaxing. It’s an easy dive – especially for enthusiasts about photography and
lovers of fine detail.

Level: Recommended for experienced divers.
Dive type: Wreck dive. Lamps recommended. Nitrox optional.
Depth: 22m to 30m.
Marine life highlights: Soft corals, giant baitfish, snappers and lionfish.
Conditions: Mild current to strong current during descent to the wreck.
Boat trip: 60 mins.
A trip out to the wreck of the Maldivian Victory is always a dive highlight. Compared
to other dive bases, forced to do daytrips due to long distances, Diverland Embudu
offers a boat trip of just an hour out to this old cargo ship of about 60 meters length.
Descending by the anchor rope and the mast, we reach this mysterious ship lying at
a depth of 20 to 30 meters, offering an exciting dive due to current and depth. You
can stay on the ship’s bridge, watching down to the upper deck, or go for some
exploration into the freight area of the ship. A lot of soft corals have settled on the
wreck and many lionfish, snappers and big batfish (the biggest you can see around)
live here. Totally different to the other reef spots, it is a real change and also a
highlight for our experienced divers.

Level: All levels
Dive type: Reef dive with lots of overhangs and small caves. Lamp recommended.
Underwater camera – a must!
Depth: 22m to 30m.
Marine life highlights: Big napoleons and grey reef sharks.
Conditions: Mild current.
Boat trip: 40 mins.
One of the most impressive underwater landscapes is the “Canyon” – an inlet at the
reef providing home to countless animals.
Previously, a part of the reef broke off and created a huge block next to the outside
reef. Swimming through this canyon offers a snapshot of the Maldives’ underwater
variety. There are a lot of small caves and overhangs to explore, and when you look
up to the surface it makes your diving heart laugh – the sunbeams beautifully light the
canyon, reflecting all its edges and corners – don’t forget your u/w camera!
This dive site also provides us with blue water animals: just after the canyon at a
coral block at about 30m depth sometimes grey-reef sharks are playing or big
napoleons are crossing our way.
A dive-site famous all over the Maldives; a highlight to remember.

Level: All levels
Dive type: Reef dive with lots overhangs and small caves. Lamp recommended.
Depth: 5m to 28m.
Marine life highlights: Variety of soft corals, clown-fish, banner fish and blue jackfish.
Conditions: No current.
Boat trip: 60 mins.
Located approximately 1 hour south of Embudu this inside-reef is quite uncommon
and atypical for the Maldives.
After anchoring the boat, divers have plenty of time swim this “potato-round” reef.
Mostly between 15m and 20m, you can explore all parts of this colourful inside-reef.
One side offers many soft slopes covered with anemones and soft-corals while the
other part is overgrown with sponges, soft-corals and offers a variety of colours like
no other reef. The play of red, orange and yellow colours form a tempting contrast to
white and pink. Together with all the fish-schools, the clown-fish, banner fish and the
blue jackfish provide a unique symphony of colours and forms. Small and big caves

change with steep walls and overhangs and some caves offer the opportunity to dive
through colourful channels and chimneys.
As an additional highlight you will find the wreck of a small cargo ship close to the
reef. It is already nicely overgrown and adds some adventurous thrill and
atmosphere to your dive.
Potato-reef offers an easy and current-free dive – so it doesn’t only perfectly fit
beginners but also for photography enthusiasts..