Rashuge Dhirunthah: Lionfish

In the “Rashuge Dhirunthah” (Island Life) series, we will explore the biodiversity that can be found on and around the tropical haven […]

Kaimoo 43rd Anniversary

  Today marks the 43rd anniversary since the founding of Kaimoo Travels and Hotel Services Private Limited.  In celebration of our 43rd […]

Let the Ocean Heal you

Have you ever felt refreshed gazing out over the ocean? The sight, smell and sound of the waves crashing and the surf […]


Simple home workout routine

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, access to gyms may not be possible and working out may be not so high on […]


Self-care and mental well-being

As we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month this May, during one of the biggest global crises in recent years, it is especially […]