1. When is Maldives open for tourists?

● The Maldives opened its borders to all international tourists on 15th July 2020.  

2. Can anyone travel to the Maldives?

● Travellers should also have a confirmed hotel booking with them. For your safety, ensure that you have

enough masks and sanitizer for the duration of your trip.

● Effective from 13th March 2022, PCR is no longer required to enter Maldives. However, all arriving and departing passengers via airports and seaports are required to complete the Traveler Declaration form within 72 hours to the flight time.

● If you are unwell or have a history of contact with a suspected or confirmed case of

COVID19 within the past 14 days and/or persons who have a fever or respiratory

symptoms such as cough, sore throat, shortness of breath within the past 14 days, you

should not travel to the Maldives. Get in touch with us and we will assist you with

amending your stay with us.

3. What can I do to protect myself while travelling?

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends following these steps to protect

yourself and others when you travel:

• Maintain a distance of 6 feet (2 meters) between you and others as much as possible.

• Avoid contact with anyone who is sick

• Limit contact with frequently touched surfaces, such as handrails, elevator buttons and kiosks. If

you must touch these surfaces, use hand sanitizer or wash your hands afterward.

• Wear a cloth face mask.

• Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

• Cover coughs and sneezes.

• Clean your hands often. It is especially important after going to the bathroom, before eating,

and after coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose.

• Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

• If soap and water are not available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

Cover all surfaces of your hands and rub your hands together until they feel dry.

(Source: CDC Website, 2020)

4. What will happen when my flight lands at the Airport?

• All guests travelling to and from the Maldives are required to submit a self-declarative

health declaration. This traveller health declaration has to be filled and submitted via the

online portal of Maldives Immigration, imuga.immigration.gov.mv. The health declaration

must be filled and submitted within 24 hours prior to departure to the Maldives.

● When you arrive at Velana International Airport, you will be greeted by our Airport

Representative and escorted to the speedboat.

● Guests will be asked to sanitize their hands and to wear a mask before they get in the

speedboat. Guests will be given a designated seat to ensure physical distancing throughout

the journey. Our team may practice any other necessary protocols as required by the Health

Protection Agency of Maldives.


5. Do we get tested at the Resort?

● No, we will not be testing guests upon arrival nor at Embudu Village. However, your

body temperature will be checked, and random COVID-19 tests are done at Velana

International Airport by Maldivian authorities. They may request you to do a test, which

is free of charge, and if you don’t have any symptoms, you can continue your journey as


● If you exhibit symptoms at the Airport or even at the Resort, you will be asked to do a

PCR test at your expense.

● Depending on Airlines procedures, you may need to take a PCR Test before travelling

back from the Maldives which will be at your expense.

6. What are the measures taken at the Resort to minimize COVID-19 transmission?

● We are following the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization and the Health

Protection Authority of Maldives. All our team members are being trained by experts in

the field according to the latest protocols.

● We will be practising social distancing; direct communication with guests will be

minimized and instead done digitally.

● Our F&B operations have been changed to ensure that social distancing is practised and

we are taking extra precautionary measures to ensure food hygiene. Guests will have

preassigned restaurant tables and servers during their stay.

● Please find below links for our general health protocols and health declaration


Health Protocols: https://www.embuduvillage.com/health-protocols/

Health Declaration Form: https://embuduvillage.com/Embudu-Village-


● Our team will be wearing appropriate PPE at all times

7. What should I do if I develop COVID-19 like symptoms while at the Resort?

● If you develop COVID-19 like symptoms during your stay with us, you must inform our

team by calling the designated number provided upon your arrival.

● You must stay inside your room and our in-house Doctor will visit. Depending on the

consultation, existing protocols will be followed to ensure that this is attended to as

recommended by the Health Protection Agency of Maldives.

● If you undergo a PCR test, you must stay inside your room until you get the test results.

If the result is negative, you will be allowed to leave your room.

8. Do you have in-house Doctor?

● We have an in-house doctor and a clinic on the property.

9. How much is a PCR Test?

● We charge USD 80 per person.  


10. Where is the closest hospital located?

● The closest hospital is in the capital, Male’, and can be reached by speed boat within 20


11. Are sanitizers and face masks readily available at the Resort?

● Sanitizers will be available at all public areas at the Resort, you may also purchase

sanitizer bottle and masks from the medical centre.

12. What is your cancellation policy, and can I change my booking?

● If you have booked through a Tour Operator or Travel Agent, please check their cancellation

policies. If you have a booking directly with us or by any online travel agency, we have a flexible cancellation policy as below:

● No charges applicable for any date change or cancellation due to travel restrictions regarding COVID-19

● Free cancellation if the booking is cancelled 48 hours prior to the guest arrival date

● 100% will be charged if the booking is cancelled within 24 hours of the guest arrival date  

Please be informed that the cancellation policy might change without prior

notice and will be updated to our website accordingly

13. Will the Dive centre be open?

● Yes, the dive centre will be open with extra health and hygiene measures.

14. Are excursions and water sports activities available?

● Excursions to local Islands and Male’ City will be ceased temporality. Water sports

activities will be available in the island.

15. Will the Spa be open?

● During the re-opening stage, our spa will be closed and will be operational from

December 2020 onwards.

16. How often would my room be cleaned during my stay?

● Your room will be cleaned once a day between 8 am to 12 pm.

17. What can I do to protect myself and loved ones from COVID-19 during our stay?

● Follow all guidelines provided by the Resort, practice social distancing at all times and

frequently wash your hands.


18. What is the protocol if I get positive to COVID-19 during my stay?

● If a guest is positive for COVID-19, the guests will be isolated at the Resort or taken to a

government-run isolation facility depending on their health condition and the situation,

which will be confirmed case by case.

Note: Please note that these procedures and health protocols might change

anytime, hence we would recommend to carefully read below links for the

Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism before travelling to the Maldives.